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Everything new and awesome in women's health for June

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Featuring: Women’s Health Coach Nicole Jardim, Naturopath Dr Lara Briden and plant based influencer Zanna Van Djik!

Must listen: Period Party Podcast Hormone Repair for Women Over 40

So I listen to a LOT of podcasts, usually 3 or 4 a week and they are almost always about women’s health or mental health. This month I LOVED the Period Party conversation between Women’s Health Coach Nicole Jardim and Naturopathic Dr Lara Briden about ‘Hormone Repair for Women Over 40’. Why? Because, (as Davina's documentary recently showed), SO many women don’t really know what perimenopause is; when it begins or what we can expect, the four phases of perimenopause, and most importantly, what we can do to help ourselves. This one’s a keeper!

Must read: ’Hormone Repair Manual’ by Dr Lara Briden.

This newly released book is THE go-to women’s health guide for ALL perimenopausal women (Generation X-ers, I’m looking at you!). Lara generously draws from her vast experience (20yrs+) in the ever changing field of women’s health. She discusses all manner of hormonal conditions and targeted treatment strategies to help navigate our second puberty effectively. It’s not just hot sweats and periods MIA; we need to watch out for insulin resistance and our thyroid being knocked out of balance which can result in unwanted inches.Fear not, knowledge is power and this book will leave you forewarned, forearmed and able to play to your strengths this month and every month! This is a must read for anyone with a womb or a daughter.

Must follow: Zanna van Djik's Insta

Anyone who knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with Zanna Van Djik’s insta-account which I insist on checking daily! From plant-based recipes and eat out recs to effective ‘at home’ work-outs, hiking guides and staycations in nature, this account packs TONNES of inspiration into each grid square, reel and story. PLUS, did I mention she’s created her own sustainable swimwear brand made in London from recycled ocean plastic? Go follow her now #girlcrushalert

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