Ms S Bartlett, Worthing


I have just finished the 5 Day Cleanse.... 4 days of delicious juice & 1 day of joyus smoothies, supplements & tea... .. Support, advice, presentation all 15/10.... absolutely brilliant.... I wanted a health kick-start... ditch the wheat & caffine, cut back on the diary, meat & fish & stop the booze... This is perfect for starting that that journey... I have lost 4lb in the last 5 days & know that with a diet change I will get back to my "happy weight" by losing another 6lbs..... Hormone changes have caused weight gain, fatigue, brainfog & emotional turbulence..I've now got the will-power to tackle that next.. although the cleanse was a slight challenge... I do feel liberated because of it & will do another one in February.... I was aware that I eat & drink (booze) when I'm anxious (surpressing the depression) before the cleanse, doing the cleanse has really highlighted this & at the same time given me the confidence to address that too.... Looking forward to starting healthier way of being...Thank you Rachel.

 Ms B Jago, Worthing


Rachel is so good at what she does.
I had constant bloating and stomach pains. With Rachel's help & advice, she got me on the right track and I feel so much better. Would always recommend .

Ms J Raleigh, Worthing


I did the Boon juice cleanse as was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and needed a kick start.  It was so good not to have to think about the making, composition, buying of kit/materials before embarking on the week.  It could not have been easier - she was my juice mummy.  Delicious.  I rehydrated big time and 3 people commented on how well my skin looked - unsolicited! Money well spent I think since I also learnt a lot.

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