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Everything new and awesome in women's health for December 2022

Featuring: Dr McGonigal explaining how to make friends with stress, help for your dry vagina and the PERFECT new year podcast with Nicola Jardim and Dr Brooke Scheller on how booze messes with our hormones. Thanks for ALL your support in 2022. My community never fails to lift me up, educate and inspire me so truly, thank you SO much.

If this isn't worth 14 minutes of your life, I don't know what is. Can you imagine a world where the well-documented, famously damaging affects of stress could be negated by simply changing your perception that stress is bad for you? I know right? Surely not possible! Turns out it TOOOOOTALLY IS! Short version, we ALL need to 'make friends' with stress and Dr McGonigal, health psychologist and Stanford lecturer, explains why.

Many peri and post-menopausal patients come into clinic with some degree of vaginal dryness which can lead to severe pain, bleeding and discomfort during sex and even conditions like recurrent BV and thrush.

All in all, not much fun but LOTS can be done to remedy this condition thought to be caused by lower oestrogen levels during this life phase. I'm sharing this chatty blog post from my herbal colleagues at Forage Botanicals- I hope it helps!

Got a 45 minute car journey or workout planned? Good! Pop your ear buds IN and this bad boy ON! The Period Fixer, Nicola Jardim and Dr Brooke Scheller discuss how we can use nutrition to help change our relationship with alcohol, the three main bodily systems that are affected when we drink on the regular and understanding WHY alcohol is SO freakin' addictive.

This is perfect New Year ear candy for those who feel their current drinking habits are unsustainable and are keen to make changes.

Do book in for a FREE Discovery Call via my website if you wish to discuss either of these options further in relation to your own libido and/or vaginal dryness issues.

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