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Everything new and awesome in women's health for September 2022

Featuring: reassurance from Maisie Hill that the menopause might not have to be our worst nightmare, a huge must-listen on alcohol and the brain from Dr Huberman, and Dr Aviva Romm discusses the importance of adaptogens and their role in coping with burn out

For starters, did you know 'menopause' is actually just a single day? And that sleep inducing, anxiety-suppressing progesterone is the first hormone to exit stage left? Noooooo! Say it ain't so!!!

Or even that HRT isn't as bad as we once thought? This quick myth busting article will bring a smile to your face as you realise that menopause might not be the nightmare we're conditioned to think it is!

On the killjoy front (!) I REALLY hesitated about including this podcast in my newsletter. Unless you're a patient, it's not for me to tell anyone whether or not they should be enjoying a glass of something of an evening.

Surely a glass a night, as the French do, is to be practically encouraged, right? Turns out no, no and a big no!

As with ALL contentious issues, I think we need to approach them eyes wide open.

Now I'm as nerdy as the next person, (probably more!) BUT I listened to this podcast, completely gripped, for 2 hours AND learnt LOADS! If you don't have much time at your disposal, the podcast is helpfully timestamped so you can listen like a chapter book, in 5 minute chunks. With sections on "Alcohol Consumption and the brain" (that one was quite scary) "Alcohol Metabolism and Empty Calories" (explains a LOT) and a whole section on hangovers, hang-xiety and how cold water immersion may even HELP with hangovers (hint:it's adrenaline-related), everyone will learn SOMETHING from this podcast. Forward it to your friends, partners and colleagues, in fact anyone you know who is questioning their relationship with alcohol. It is one of THE most eye-opening podcasts I have EVER listened to and I average about 5 per week!

With burnout increasingly common and symptoms of adrenal stress VERY similar to those of hormonal imbalance, I use adaptogenic herbs in my clinic ALOT. But what actually, are they? Dr Romm's short article how and where they can help, but in short, adaptogens are specific herbs that help the body cope more effectively with stress. And as most of my caseload is busy, professional working Mums of a menstruating and/or perimenopausal age, they are soooo needed!

Shatavari and Ashwagandha are two of my favourite Ayurvedic adaptogens and I use them in my patients herbal medicines daily. If you are not a patient but would still like to try Ashwaghanda and/or Shatavari, here are the brands I recommend from The Natural Dispensary where you can get 15% courtesy of my trade discount code RBOON15.

Wild Nutrition KSM66 Ashwaghandha (good for those who struggle to sleep/wind down/lack energy and libido)

Fushi Organic Shatavari (great for emotional PMT and low libido):

Do book in for a FREE Discovery Call via my website if you wish to discuss either of these options further in relation to your own libido and/or vaginal dryness issues.

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