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Everything new and awesome in women's health for July

Featuring: Queen of integrated women's health Dr Aviva Romm, Period Specialist Maisie Hill and Insta-crush Nicole Jardim

Blog Post - How To Get Better Sleep In The Menopause: Aviva Romm, medical doctor, herbalist and midwife is the QUEEN of integrated women's health stateside so I always enjoy her website which hosts a wealth of information on all things women's health. One of the most common questions we both get asked from our peri and post-menopausal patients is 'Have you got anything to help with sleep?'. Luckily we do and Dr Aviva breaks it down step by step in this comprehensive article which addresses the causes of bad sleep, why poor sleep matters and the herbs, supplements and lifestyle adjustments that can help.

Book Must Read: 'Period Power', by Maisie Hill: Maisie's core belief is that hormones are there to serve us and if used correctly can be massively beneficial. This book teaches us about the 'seasons' of our monthly cycle and how we can harness them to our benefit throughout the month. Maisie has been instrumental in motivating me to track my own basal body temperature (BBT) daily over this last year which has been super helpful in showing me when I've ovulated and subsequently when my period is due. In perimenopausal times where one's cycle can vary enormously this has been invaluable. Packing for holidays knowing exactly when you're going to get your period is a total game changer! Being able to identify your own 'darker' times within your cycle allows you to plan for them and cut yourself some slack where possible too e.g plan to work from home, out source the kids etc, grab a take away etc. A joy to read, this book is everything you've ever wanted to know about your monthly cycle, delivered in a straight-talking and funny fashion. A must-read for all womb owners!

Instagram Must-Follow Nicole Jardim:

I only check a few Instagram accounts daily and Nicole Jardim's, AKA the Period Girl, is one of them. She presents a wealth of hormone-related knowledge in a warm and down to earth style via hilarious memes, fun infographics and more serious posts focusing on all things period-related, from how long should our bleed or cycle ideally be to do you actually even need to have a period? Definitely one to follow if you want help to #fixyourperiod

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