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Herbal Medicine & Naturopathy Consultations Include:

Initial consultations (either virtual or in clinic) are 90 minutes and involve:

  • Discussing your entire medical history, from birth to date, including your main health aims/current issues

  • Review of all the main bodily systems to check for imbalances elsewhere

  • Discussion around recent scans, blood, urine or other functional test results

  • Current diet, movement, supplement and medication review

  • Iridology and tongue analysis, plus blood pressure, zinc status and urine check, if required (clinic consults only/not currently taking place due to COVID19)

From our time together, I can draw up your bespoke treatment plan which will include:

  • Personalised dietary and lifestyle advice to suit your work-life balance and budget

  • Bespoke organic/wild-crafted herbal prescriptions based on your unique physical and emotional needs

  • Foods to include, foods to avoid, supplements to stop, supplements to start and when best to take them

  • Further recommendations for testing (functional, DNA, IgG, IgE, blood or urine) via NHS or privately

  • Additional support via recipe handouts, free-from guides, tick your way to wellness sheets, plus further reading/podcast/app recommendations

  • During COVID19 I am doorstep delivering herbal prescriptions to safe places or posting out first class, with no extra change, after each consultation (either virtual or clinic)

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