"Let me help you create the most ideal conditions possible, in body and mind,

for true and lasting healing to occur" 

Hello and welcome,


I'm Rachel, Naturopath and Herbalist, juice geek and parent. I've been practising in the Worthing area since 2005 and supervising juice cleanses since 2014. 


During this time, I've had the pleasure of treating ALL kinds of conditions, both chronic and acute, in ALL ages of life, from new born babies, school-aged children, hormonal teens and fertility clients through to breastfeeding Mums, menopausal women and home visits for the elderly and immobile (and pretty much everyone else in between!)


Professionally, I'm passionate about people fulfilling their true health potential through easy, affordable and sustainable diet and lifestyle adjustments alongside the magic that is bespoke herbal medicine. 


Personally, l LOVE cooking, juicing, raw foods, camping, running, yoga and snowboarding and make it a priority to practice what I preach.


I love living in my healthy, pain-free, energetic body and if I'm not feeling 10 out of 10 each morning when I wake up, I am grateful I have the knowledge and the tools to do something about it.


I look forward sharing all I have learnt with you on your journey back to health, super soon!

Rachel x 

PS-Check out my Instagram feed below to see what I've been up to...

Main Clinic location:

Worthing Osteopathic & Wellbeing Clinic 140 South Street


West Sussex

BN14 7NB


 Rachel Boon BSc (Hons)
Naturopath & Herbalist
MURHP, NNA, DipNat, Dip Herb

Tel: 07807 695576


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