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DUTCH stands for 'dried urine test for comprehensive hormones.


This combined sex and stress hormone panel, which includes the DUTCH Complete and the DUTCH CAR (Cortisol Awakening Response), can help identify the root causes of hormone imbalances in men and women.


The test analyses 35 different hormones; oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA-S and cortisol along with their metabolites.


It also measures daily free cortisol, the oxidative stress marker 8OHdG, melatonin, six organic acids and the CAR, which is an excellent snapshot of HPA axis function. A low CAR can be a result of an underactive HPA axis, psychological burnout, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sleep issues, PTSD, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, hypertension, gastrointestinal issues, post-natal depression and autoimmune disease. An elevated CAR can be the result of an overactive HPA axis, anticipatory stress, glycaemic dysregulation, pain and depression.


The DUTCH Complete and DUTCH CAR are both available as stand-alone tests.





- DUTCH test kit for you to do at home (£273.50)

-A 60 minute virtual post-results consultation to explain your results and discuss the best way forward (£75)

-A typed report interpreting your results + bespoke treatment plan (£20) to be emailed after our session

-15% discount on any recommended supplements from The Natural Dispensary


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