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Please email to discuss your specific needs prior to booking.


  • This is my rate for workplace wellbeing talks (60 minutes talk + 30 minutes Q&A)


  • Includes a PDF slide deck on the subject in question


  • Includes travel within West Sussex (outside West Sussex please email for a quote).


  • If you wish to book a two hour talk + 60 minutes Q&A just add two items to the basket.


Areas of special interest include:

  • The Menopause transition-myth busting, educating and empowering
  • Menstrual health-how to have an easy and pain-free monthly cycle
  • Women's health-the essentials uncovered
  • Herbal medicine for women-how to help yourself from your own kitchen
  • Naturopathy Detoxifcation and Fasting-myth busting, educating and empowering

Workplace Wellbeing: 90 minute Masterclass

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